PMB Series Permanent Magnet (Power Off) Brake from SEPACELMIRA, NY – SEPAC designed the PMB Permanent Magnet Brake to provide OEMs with more than twice the torque-to-size ratio as conventional power off spring engaged brakes. (For example, a conventional 2” diameter spring engaged brake typically yields approx.18 lb-in static torque; SEPAC’s 2” diameter PMB yields 40 lb-in.) Another design advantage is that the PMB series hub is rigidly connected to the shaft for zero radial movement between the shaft and brake surface, allowing them to run at high speeds without any noise. Response times are faster too – PMB brakes run 4-90ms compared to conventional spring engaged brakes at 30-250ms. All of these advantages are delivered at a cost that is 10-20% lower than most competitive products.

PMB brakes mount easily to motors and frames in any orientation – vertical, horizontal and any angle in between – and have zero drag when brake is energized. The PMB Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including: medical apparatus, imaging equipment and surgery robots, material handling, robotics, semiconductors (wafer handling equipment), servo motors/systems, wind and petroleum actuators, and security-related actuators for doors, gates and curtains.

Key features and benefits of the PMB include:

  • High torque-to-size ratio
  • Zero backlash hub
  • Low cost and fast delivery
  • 9 available frame sizes
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL Class F insulated coil system


SEPAC Inc., in Elmira, NY, is a custom engineering company and manufacturer of motion control products including electromagnetic clutches and brakes. SEPAC provides innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability to OEMs, distributors and end users around the world. SEPAC’s brake and clutch applications range from aerospace and defense to robotics, energy, healthcare and a wide variety of industrial markets. For more information visit or call 1.800.331.3207.

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