Clutches and Brakes for the Defense Industry
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Customizing Performance for Your Industry

SEPAC provides specialized clutches and brakes for a number of military applications including helicopters, planes, subs, armored vehicles, missile platforms, space radar and more.


SEPAC engaged with a military aerospace system manufacturer to design and manufacture a high performance tooth clutch for a major attack helicopter platform.


Due to extreme shock and vibration requirements, as well as harsh environmental conditions, SEPAC’s standard tooth clutch technology had to be adjusted to support new goals. The client’s primary design criteria was a performance profile that would help ensure the safety of the crew and passengers, while delivering 100% mission success.


A robust development program led to prototype testing and ultimately, certification of flight worthiness. New tooth configurations were utilized in conjunction with new combinations of materials and finishes to produce a clutch that currently has a 0% return rate for warranty issues.


SEPAC’s participation in this platform upgrade has allowed our employees, partners and suppliers to proudly share in the results. Documentation from early trials provides evidence that the new model has increased survivability (sevenfold) and lethality (fourfold) as compared to the earlier model.

SPECIALIZED Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Wrap spring products are inherently reliable, extremely compact, and offer exceptionally high torque and fast engagement. Cost-effective and easily modified to meet volume OEM application requirements — wrap springs are an ideal solution for wide ranging defense designs.

Wrap Spring Clutch


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