Clutches & Brakes for the Medical Industry

Precision performance is vital for medical equipment, and why SEPAC is considered among the very best resources for low to zero backlash electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions. SEPAC offers the expertise and experience that benefits medical design projects including:

  • Controlled motion for surgical robotics
  • Operating apparatus & instrument holding devices, surgeon seats and pedestals
  • Adjustment and hold position for patient beds, lifts & handling equipment
  • Precise axis of motion control on imaging equipment, positioning platforms, and more…

When it comes to medical equipment design projects, we can help save you time as well as resources in the process. Our application and engineering staff are readily available to help you design the best solution for your application.

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Our brakes play an essential role in medical applications. Click on a specific brake below to view an example of it's application on the illustration.

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Focus on Medical 1-Hour Workshop

Medical technology is evolving rapidly. To address the demands for precise, reliable automation, electromechanical clutches and brakes are increasingly popular for their clean, quiet, dependable performance as well as their ease of installation and simplicity of design and control. Clutches and brakes have transformed in recent years to specifically address these needs for high quality, precision and reliability. For our customers and OEM designers that can benefit from this information, we offer an educational lunch & learn seminar covering recent technology updates in our field.
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Medical Design Technology
Medical Design Technology (Sept/Oct 2017)
“Wrap Spring Clutches/Brakes: The Best Medical Solution You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.”discusses the application of wrap spring clutches and brakes, well-established industrial technologies, to meet medical device OEM requirements for performance coupled with patient/personnel safety.
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SPECIALIZED Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Wrap spring products are inherently reliable, extremely compact, and offer exceptionally high torque and fast engagement. Cost-effective and easily modified to meet volume OEM application requirements — wrap springs are an ideal solution for wide ranging aerospace designs.
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Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes
Medical Design Briefs (7.1.16)
“Surgical Robotics: The Evolution of a Medical Technology” discusses the use of SEPAC permanent magnet brakes for surgical robots to provide the low power draw; low profile, compact shape; high torque to size ration; and most importantly — zero backlash motion control accuracy.
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See Our Parts In Action

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Permanent Magnet Brake

For all axis, if backlash is an absolutely critical requirement, a Permanent Magnet Brake can provide true zero backlash Learn More

Spring Engaged Tooth Brake

A Spring Engaged Tooth Brake is used to accommodate the high torque requirement at this joint. Note large thru hole to accommodate wiring harnesses, etc. Learn More

Spring Engaged Tooth Brake or Friction Brake

Depending on the torque requirement of this primary joint, a tooth brake as in #1 above, or a friction brake as in #3 & 4 below is typical Learn More

Spring Engaged Friction Brake

For these joints, a friction-style Spring Engaged Brake is used Learn More

Thin Spring Engaged Friction Brake

As footprint restrictions become increasingly important, a smaller Thin Spring Engaged Brake can be used Learn More

Ultra Thin Spring Engaged Friction Brake

For the most constricted installations, the thinnest Ultra Thin Spring Engaged Brake is recommended Learn More

Medical Application Example

A medical device company needed a clutch solution for a new emergency resuscitation device design that had to be portable in size and manufactured in high volumes. Being a life saving device, the design’s reliability, quality, life and performance requirements were paramount.

SEPAC offered a clutch design that met the customer’s critical application requirements as well as their target pricing. This custom design also included added critical features such as: reduced voltage consumption; consistent release times; a specific torque window, and above all; a near zero fail rate for the utmost in reliability over the product’s lifespan.

SEPAC design engineering talent plus years of materials and manufacturing expertise helped drive out significant costs to optimize production and assembly — not only meeting, but exceeding the customer’s stringent requirements. With yearly production growing from several hundred units in the first year to the thousands in subsequent years, the SEPAC partnership with this OEM’s engineering and management team helped to quickly and efficiently shape and deliver a unique and highly successful design previously unavailable in the marketplace.