Our brakes play an essential role in medical applications. Click on a specific brake below to view an example of it's application on the illustration.

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At SEPAC, we offer a selection of electromagnetic brakes and clutches that can meet the needs of a wide range of applications in the medical industry. To meet industry standards, SEPAC is backed by AS9100 & ISO 9001 certifications. You can trust our products to provide consistent results and maintain the reliability and efficiency required in medical applications.

The capabilities of our parts make them ideal for use in many applications, from brakes for imaging machinery to brakes for surgical robotic arms. Our specific capabilities and applications include:

  • Parts for optimum motion control for surgical robotics equipment
  • Medical handling equipment
  • Holding and adjusting patient bed positions
  • Operation of instrument holding devices
  • Quiet and clean performance
  • Precise operation of imaging equipment

Depending on the specific needs of your application, our clutches and brakes are capable of increasing ease of operation and optimizing motion control. For additional information about the different applications for our electromagnetic brakes and clutches, you can view our interactive infographic below, which details the use of these parts in a surgical robotic application. This surgical robot is the most technologically advanced system of its kind, and it requires top-of-the-line parts to maintain consistent levels of efficiency and precision.

Clutches and Brakes for the Medical Industry from SEPAC

If you require parts for medical equipment that can optimize precision and keep your systems performing optimally, the electromagnetic brakes and clutches that SEPAC offers can meet your needs. Whether your equipment has a specific torque window or requires other features such as minimized voltage consumption or a zero backlash, we have the products needed to help you maximize your equipment’s precision, efficiency, and lifespan. Our custom designs have been able to help clients meet some of the most specific requirements in the medical industry, ensuring they get the best possible results.

To find out more about our clutches and brakes along with our custom capabilities, submit a Request For Info today. You can also contact us with any questions or concerns you have about SEPAC and our offerings.

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Solutions Guide for Medical Robotic Applications

Our eBook Choosing the Right Brake for Medical Robotic Applications was designed as a product selection guide for common medical robotic applications. Download your free guide today!

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A medical device company needed a clutch solution for a new emergency resuscitation device design that had to be portable in size and manufactured in high volumes. Being a life saving device, the design’s reliability, quality, life and performance requirements were paramount.

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SEPAC offered a clutch design that met the customer’s critical application requirements as well as their target pricing. This custom design also included added critical features such as: reduced voltage consumption; consistent release times; a specific torque window, and above all; a near zero fail rate for the utmost in reliability over the product’s lifespan.

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SEPAC design engineering talent plus years of materials and manufacturing expertise helped drive out significant costs to optimize production and assembly — not only meeting, but exceeding the customer’s stringent requirements.

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