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SEPAC has provided superior clutch and brake solutions for industrial applications since 1984, continually adapting and innovating our products to meet or exceed industry requirements. From enhancement of our tried-and-true industrial grade motion control products to the design and manufacture of custom robotics solutions, we always fit the needs of our customers.

  • Meet exacting required performance parameters such as torque, backlash, and response time
  • Wide ranging product platforms to meet diverse application design criteria
  • Comprehensive adaptability with value-added best-fit functionality

When it comes to robotic equipment design projects, we can help save you time as well as resources in the process. Our application and engineering staff are readily available to help you design the best solution for your application

Focus on Robotics 1-Hour Workshop

As the use of robotics expands into a broadening spectrum of markets — agriculture, defense, medical, industrial… robotic technology is evolving as well to meet the tailored performance requirements of these diverse markets. To address the demands for precise, reliable automation, electromechanical clutches and brakes are an ideal fit for their clean, quiet, dependable performance as well as their ease of installation, simplicity of design and control, and compact power. Clutches and brakes have transformed in recent years to specifically address these needs for high quality, precision and reliability. For our customers and OEM designers that can benefit from this information, we offer an educational lunch & learn seminar covering recent technology updates in our field.
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Motion Control TechBriefs (4.1.18)
“Choosing the Right Brake for Robotic Applications”

This article discusses best recommended brake control functions on various robot axes of motion, including key performanMotion Control TechBriefsce parameters such as torque, backlash, and response time, as well as tight tolerance application parameters for weight, diameter, mounting configuration, and other factors.
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SPECIALIZED Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Wrap spring products are inherently reliable, extremely compact, and offer exceptionally high torque and fast engagement. Cost-effective and easily modified to meet volume OEM application requirements — wrap springs are an ideal solution for wide ranging aerospace designs.
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Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes
Medical Design Technology
Medical Design Technology (Sept/Oct 2017)
“Wrap Spring Clutches/Brakes: The Best Medical Solution You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.”discusses the application of wrap spring clutches and brakes, well-established industrial technologies, to meet medical device OEM requirements for performance coupled with patient/personnel safety.
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Robotic Arm Brake Type

Robotics Application Example

A robot developer asked SEPAC to design and manufacturer a spring-set, power-off brake for a humanoid robot with critically enhanced dexterity performance. The agility advantage of the designed allowed the robot to perform very realistic and necessary mechanical first responder tasks in emergency situations such as opening/closing doors and hatches, connecting a fire hose to a valve, etc.

The design had to be relatively thin with high torque holding capacity, and the lighter the brake design the better for the performance of the humanoid robotic arm. Adding to the challenge, the completed brake design and final hardware had to be installed very early in the design/build process so that the sophisticated control logic could be matched to the physical performance characteristics.

Working within a tight schedule and limited budgets, SEPAC made several iterations of the brake for different joints in the robotic arms. The complexity and pace of the project was high as the robot was part of a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) competition. The SEPAC brakes performed well; the robot secured a high score and moved onto a higher level of this government-funded competition. The intent is that, one day, this robot may help save lives while safeguarding the lives of the first responders it is programmed to serve. SEPAC enjoyed being a part of this successful team effort.