Clutches and Brakes for the Aerospace Industry
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Customizing Performance for Your Industry

As aerospace technology continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, so does the need for specialized motion control solutions. We are proud of our successful applications for the Space Shuttle and Low Earth Orbit Satellites, and we embrace any new challenges that help us advance in providing brake and clutch solutions for this industry.


SEPAC was contracted by a premier aerospace supplier to design and manufacture multiple models of brakes for the next generation of the International Space Station and other space travel applications.


Over an extended period of time, SEPAC worked directly with the customer’s project team to develop a fail-safe brake that met the extremely tight performance and design tolerances associated with this highly specialized application. Additionally, SEPAC implemented design safeguards that were suited to withstand the unforgiving, zero gravity environment.


After the custom design was approved, SEPAC manufactured the brakes. To ensure that all design requirements were met, the process required extensive planning, significant vendor interaction, and innovative manufacturing techniques spearheaded by SEPAC.


The team at SEPAC successfully designed multiple solutions for the aerospace client, solutions that have the potential to be used in space travel for decades to come.

SPECIALIZED Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Wrap spring products are inherently reliable, extremely compact, and offer exceptionally high torque and fast engagement. Cost-effective and easily modified to meet volume OEM application requirements — wrap springs are an ideal solution for wide ranging aerospace designs.

Wrap Spring Clutch


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