Oil & Gas

SEPAC clutch and brake solutions have long been a preferred solution for experts in many facets of the oil and gas industry. From high pressure deep sea installations and offshore drilling platforms to ROVs, hydrofracking and more, SEPAC tooth, friction and wrap spring clutch and brake designs offer the functional platform required for this demanding industry.

  • Meet exacting required performance parameters such as torque, backlash, and response time
  • Wide ranging product platforms to meet diverse application design criteria
  • Comprehensive adaptability with value-added best-fit functionality

When it comes to oil & gas equipment design projects, we can help save you time as well as resources in the process. Our application and engineering staff are readily available to help you design the best solution for your application.

Valve World

This article by Chevron’s Subsea Controls Engineer discusses the value of replacing hydraulics with all-electrical subsea actuation controls as installations involve longer tiebacks in deeper, higher pressure waters.

Focus on Oil & Gas 1-Hour Workshop

Remote and wireless operation is becoming increasingly important for many industries, probably none moreso that oil and gas, where hazardous and inaccessible environments are the norm surrounding required control functions. To address the demands for precise, reliable automation in the most demanding environments, electromechanical clutches and brakes are an ideal fit for their dependable performance, ease of installation, simplicity of design and control, and compact power. Clutches and brakes have transformed in recent years to specifically address these needs for high quality, precision and reliability. For our customers and designers that can benefit from this information, we offer an educational lunch & learn seminar covering recent technology updates pertinent to the oil & gas industry and focusing specifically on your field of interest.
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Subsea Failsafe Valve Actuation Application Example

A major actuation developer asked SEPAC Inc. to design and manufacture a series of power-off brakes for their new line of subsea actuators in the Oil and Gas market. It was shared that the spring engaged brakes are used inside the actuator which holds the valve stem open during normal system operation. In the event of a power failure however, the brake will quickly disengage, allowing the valve stem to close, which in turn shuts down the valve.

The customer’s specification required the brake to be compact due to the size constraints of the actuator while being capable of holding the desired torque at a lower than normal voltage. SEPAC’s engineering group was able to work with our customers to design a brake that met the requirements while minimizing the time to market.

The developer was engaged from concept to completion of the brake design as well as the testing that was required for the prototype development.

With the market trend to go from hydraulic to electric actuation, SEPAC provided a solution that would allow for more reliable usage in an installation environment that is often located in remote areas that can be difficult to service. With the reliability of the system increased thus reducing the cost of ownership for the end-user, everyone involved on this project was able to take satisfaction in knowing it was a success for all parties!

SPECIALIZED Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Wrap spring products are inherently reliable, extremely compact, and offer exceptionally high torque and fast engagement. Cost-effective and easily modified to meet volume OEM application requirements — wrap springs are an ideal solution for wide ranging aerospace designs.
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Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes