Traditionally, customers come to us with very specific application needs and we work with them to find a custom solution, walking them through the process from rapid prototyping to calibration and controlled production. Our team of engineers are uniquely qualified to bring solutions to the table. Please contact us using our RFI APPLICATION DATA FORM or call 1-800-331-3207.

  • Heat Dissipation Cycle Rate or Frequency, Referred Inertia, Relative Shaft Speeds, Ambient Temperatures, Heat Sink, Oil or Air Flow Rate.
  • Environmental Moisture, Dust, Abrasive Particles, Corrosion, Shock, Vibration, Vacuum, Pressure, Explosive, Altitude.
  • Torque Horsepower, Shaft Speed, Peak Torque, Smoothness Required, Acceleration Time Required, Starting vs. Static Torque, Type of Prime Mover, Type of Load, Service Factor, Safety Factor.
  • Other In Oil or Dry, System Resilience, Over-Run Speed, Life Required, Space Available.


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