As the demand for smaller motors increases, so does the need for small-diameter brakes and other small components. With recent technological advancements, electromagnetic brakes are able to generate powerful torque even in compact sizes. SEPAC is recognized for our capability to customize standard brake and clutch products to meet the application requirements of our customers. The following paragraphs will discuss the rising demand for smaller motors and components within various industries and applications. We will also discuss some challenges manufacturers face when engineering these parts.


Larger Than Life Demand for Mini Motors

Industries with common applications where failure can result in human casualty or harm demand reliable parts that operate with very specific spatial and functionality requirements. These critical operation industries are requiring smaller motors to power various equipment and machinery within these critical applications. As such, these industries also require smaller-diameter brakes that can still deliver the required torque, precision, and safety. 

Aerospace & Defense Demand for Miniature Electromagnetic Brakes

The aerospace and defense industry demands efficient electromagnetic brakes for various applications. Missiles make up a significant percentage of that demand, as the need for smaller and smaller missiles (smaller than 12 inches in diameter) continues to grow. SEPAC’s  small electromagnetic brakes offer several key benefits to the aerospace and defense industry, including:

  • Reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower-weight components, resulting in lighter loads
  • Cost savings due to reduced weight


Medical Robotics Demand for Miniature Electromagnetic Brakes

In the past decade, the robotics industry has recognized a dramatic improvement in successfully completing  a larger range of surgical procedures due to software and hardware advancements. With the introduction of smaller components, these surgical robotic applications can see reduced integration costs. Medical and surgical robotics demand miniature electromagnetic brakes to perform delicate operations with small tools and high precision. Because of their compact design, surgical robots can operate in confined spaces. They offer increased portability, allowing them to move easily between operating rooms and storage areas.

SEPAC’s PMBs, TSEBs, and UTSEBs offer  surgical and medical robotic manufacturers to benefit from brake sizes as well as powerful torque.

One of the most significant requirements for brakes used in surgical robots is that they provide zero backlash to ensure optimal precision. Because of this, the use of electromagnetic permanent magnet power-off brakes (PMBs) are often the best solution. PMBs lock joints into place with no radial movement, providing zero backlash, making them ideal for robotic surgery equipment. In addition to zero-backlash performance, PMBs offer quiet operation, a compact design, and high torque compared to body size.

Other surgical applications that do not require zero backlash can benefit from thin spring-engaged brakes (TSEB) and ultra-thin spring-engaged brakes (UTSEB).


Technical & Machining Challenges of Mini-Scale Mobility

Engineering smaller motors and brakes does not come with a sacrifice of performance or quality. While there are many challenges that engineers face designing and manufacturing these smaller components , SEPAC is able to customize a solution to meet your application requirements with premium quality and safety.

Size plays a critical role when it comes to how much torque a brake can produce for a particular application. At SEPAC, we offer a range of products that fit the role of being compact yet powerful. If your application requires brakes capable of operating in small envelopes while still producing high torque levels, we have the solutions you need.  

To increase the torque of our products, we can:

  • Reduce the teeth angle
  • Adjust the size and/or strength of the springs
  • Increase the number of friction surfaces
  • Utilizing  materials with higher coefficients of friction
  • And more!

These capabilities allow SEPAC to modify our existing standard products to meet exacting torque requirements. If you do not see a standard product in our offerings that meets your requirements, contact our team of experts to discover a solution. Our TSEB, UTSEB, and PMB brakes offer great torque-to-size ratios and can be modified to fit your application’s torque requirements.


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Rely on SEPAC for Your Brake Solutions

Critical industries, or industries that require safe and precise technology to prevent human harm, like the Aerospace or Medical Industries, rely heavily on proper component functionality. While these components present many engineering challenges, the experts at SEPAC are here to deliver quality solutions. Our small-diameter brakes feature compact sizes while delivering efficient, trusted performance and powerful torque. We can work with you to deliver a customized solution to meet your particular needs over a wide range of applications.

For more information about our powerful brakes and solutions for precision control, request information today. 

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