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  1. MSEB Spring Engaged (Power Off) Brake from SEPAC Delivers Performance Advantages and Lower Cost for OEMs

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    MSEB Spring Engaged Manual Release BrakeELMIRA, NY – SEPAC introduces the MSEB Series, a manual release, power off brake that offers OEMs significant advantages and a 10-20% lower cost compared to competitive models. The MSEB’s standard manual release handle provides a way to manually release brake when power is not available, and an IP64-rated dust cover keeps the friction surface free of debris. Steel plates and forged/cast steel coil housings offer excellent heat dissipation for heavy-duty applications. Engineered friction material provides long life and low fade, and a splined hub for shaft connections typically provides less than 1.5° backlash and an anti-rattle feature for quiet operation at high speeds. Additionally, a torque adjustment collar allows the operator to reduce static torque by 50% for soft dynamic stopping.

    Typically, spring engaged brakes are available only with 24 VDC operation – the MSEB comes standard in 24, 90 and190 VDC (48 VDC upon request). Designed for dry operation, MSEB brakes mount easily to motors and frames for applications including: material handling/lift and pallet truck tracking motor brakes, electric vehicles (e.g. golf carts, scissor lifts, automation robots) elevators, electric winches/cranes and wind fin/prop actuators.

    Key features and benefits of the MSEB include:

    • Significantly lower cost and fast delivery
    • 9 available frame sizes
    • 24, 90, 190 VDC standard (48 VDC on request)
    • RoHS compliant
    • UL Class F insulated coil assembly


    SEPAC Inc., in Elmira, NY, is a custom engineering company and manufacturer of motion control products including electromagnetic clutches and brakes. SEPAC provides innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability to OEMs, distributors and end users around the world. SEPAC’s brake and clutch applications range from aerospace and defense to robotics, energy, healthcare and a wide variety of industrial markets. For more information visit or call 1.800.331.3207.