SEPAC’s objective is to provide a product that meets our customer’s needs, exactly. Therefore, SEPAC encourages the design, manufacturing and testing of prototypes for new and unusual clutch and brake applications that fall outside the scope or range of our standard products or experience. The ultimate responsibility for fitness for purpose for any application rests with the customer.

A prototype, for the purposes of this policy, is defined as:

  1. a new design
  2. modification of an existing design
  3. a customer specified design
  4. a new application for an existing product

Before SEPAC can begin any significant prototype design effort, our customer must provide a specification. Completing SEPAC’s Application Data Form and Application and Selection Guide is a very good start toward this end. This may be found by clicking on “Application Data Form” in the main menu above. SEPAC Application Engineering will also need to obtain additional information through discussions with appropriate customer personnel. The more we know about the application the better we will be able to meet our customer’s needs.

SEPAC Application Engineering will evaluate all information provided and work with the customer to interpret that information into a prototype design. SEPAC will then submit the prototype design to the customer for their review and approval of specifications and dimensions before quoting or fabrication.

If modifications to the prototype are required after fabrication begins, as a result of specification changes or previously unknown application requirements or characteristics, the cost of those modifications will be the responsibility of the customer. This cost will depend upon the extent of redesign, rework, new components, additional or revised hardware, material changes and testing which may be required. How these costs will be recovered will be agreed upon by the customer and SEPAC before any changes are made.

SEPAC’s standard warranty is to repair, replace or refund the original purchase price of, at our option, any product found to be defective in material or workmanship within one year from the shipment date from our facility. A Return Authorization Number must be obtained from SEPAC before any prototype can be returned for modification or repair. The unit is to be shipped to SEPAC freight prepaid, and packaged in such a manner that it is adequately protected.


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