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At SEPAC, we offer cutting edge motion control technology for electromagnetic clutches and brakes that meet the most demanding and highly diverse industry needs. Whether you work in oil and gas, robotics, medical equipment, aerospace, or another critical performance industry, the experts at SEPAC understand the need for dependable, highly precise clutches and brakes.

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What You’ll Learn

Our technical seminars are tailored to the industry your work involves. While they share some common themes, we also discuss more specific topics based on your needs. Depending on your interests, your seminar can cover broad themes or be highly tailored to discuss only specific applications relevant to your project.

Some of the topics we cover include:

Understanding the best recommended friction materials for wet and dry applications
Understanding the best recommended friction materials for wet and dry applications
Design-related performance and cost attributes of various models
Design-related performance and cost attributes of various models
Determining engagement and torque requirements
Determining engagement and torque requirements
Engineering for your environment, considering shock, vibration, magnetic fields, etc.
Engineering for your environment, considering shock, vibration, magnetic fields, etc.

Seminar Hosting Methods

For your convenience, we offer two hosting locations for our technical seminars: an on-site and virtual option.

On-Site Seminar Duration: 1 Hour Location: Your Facility

Our most recommended option is an on-site seminar conducted at your facility. However, all on-site seminars are based on availability.

This hosting option delivers a more hands-on approach that helps you reach the solutions you need faster – and it includes a provided lunch. During the seminar, our team will provide an immersive and engaging educational environment.

Virtual Webinar Duration: 1-hour Method: Video Conferencing

If an on-site seminar is unsuitable for your needs, we also offer virtual seminars that are conducted remotely.

When arranging your virtual webinar, you and your team will have the option to select the virtual meeting service provider of your choice (Zoom, Webex, etc.).

When requesting your meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to specify the design concerns, questions, and/or topics you’re most interested in so that our team can prepare to meet your needs.

Our team is extremely flexible and committed to meeting your availability needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a special request or preference.

Industry-Focused Seminars We Offer

SEPAC has nearly 40 years of experience serving the world’s most demanding industries. Our technical seminars put this expertise at your disposal. Industries we cover include:

Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Outer Space Designing custom brakes and clutches for the unique needs of aerospace and space applications.
Military & Defense We have the experience and equipment to meet stringent military standards and specifications for any project.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Discover clutch & brake solutions for emergency stop oil & gas valve actuators, subsea dredging, and more.
Robotics Address the robotics industry’s unique challenges with the latest motion-control technology.
Medical Identify which electromagnetic brake or clutch best suits your medical application.
Seminar host Rocco Dragone ROCCO DRAGONE Senior Sales/Application Engineer at SEPAC

Rocco Dragone is an expert in the field of electromagnetic devices and has been designing, customizing, and integrating electromagnetic clutches and brakes for over 40 years. Rocco has helped engineer diverse solutions that range from preventing backlash in surgical robots to designing brakes for space actuators. He has also worked on a solenoid for the space shuttle satellite launcher as well as critical brakes used in aerospace and defense vehicle thrust reverser systems.

As an application engineer at SEPAC, Rocco works with OEMs to create custom electromagnetic clutches and brakes. He is also experienced in applying actuators, resolvers, and gearheads in the medical, aerospace/defense, energy, aviation, and robotics industries. He holds Associate ME and BSMET degrees from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has authored numerous technical articles and papers on electromagnetic clutch and brake design.

For more information, you can contact Rocco directly at, or by calling 607-398-6142.

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If you’d like to experience a custom-developed technical seminar led by an electromagnetic clutch and brake expert, our team would love to accommodate you. Whether you would prefer an in-person or virtual seminar, we are always eager to tailor your session to your interests, so be sure and add a comment with your topic preferences.

To get more information on our industry-focused seminars, please fill out the form with your contact information, industry, number of attendees, and preferred seminar attendance method. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly for more details.