Robotics technology is evolving rapidly. To address the demands for precise, reliable automation, electromechanical clutches and brakes are an ideal motion control solution for clean, quiet, dependable performance as well as maximum torque-to-size, compact packaging, ease of installation and simplicity of design and control.

Clutches and brakes have transformed in recent years to specifically address the needs for high quality, precision and reliability. For our customers and OEM designers that can benefit from this information, we’ve assembled an educational lunch & learn seminar covering recent technology updates in our field. Topics focus on the most critical design issues relevant for today’s high-performance application requirements.

Best-practices for managing engineering resources, budgetary criteria, and project development time lines are also addressed.

The one-hour lunch & learn is provided on-location at your facility. There are no obligations, just a legitimate desire to learn about today’s most advanced EM clutch and brake designs and their capabilities.

Let us know your specific questions or design concerns in advance so we can be sure these will be properly addressed. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Comparing the advantages/disadvantages of the different clutch & brake designs now available
  • Understanding best recommended friction materials for wet or dry applications, performance impact of various tooth profiles, and other design-related performance/cost attributes
  • Determining power-off vs power-on; engaged vs disengaged motion control suitability
  • Handling demanding environmental factors, such as magnetic fields, vibration or shock, need for specialized material coatings, etc.

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Traditionally applied in rugged industrial applications well over half a century ago, EM C&Bs have evolved extensively over that time. Replacing hydraulics and pneumatics for many critical performance and reliability applications, they are now adapting to become the clean/quiet/easy electric motion control device of choice and preferred non-drive failsafe stop/lock/open mechanism for today’s most advanced designs.

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