Robotics applications are quickly increasing and advancing, and these automation trends are being influenced by consumer demand and preference. From a modern lifestyle that prioritizes speed and convenience to companies that can’t manage the risk of a large upfront investment, there are underlying trends shaping the robotics of the future—and today. 

Consumer Demand Calls for New Automation & Flexible Robotic Solutions

In the midst of the labor shortage, Walmart is exploring the idea of an automated shopping cart, called the Dash, which serves a variety of purposes. It fulfills duties that were previously managed by a human worker: it shows you around the store, takes your groceries to your car, and handles your check-out and payment. The Dash can also encourage consumers to make more purchases by leading them past featured displays and displaying targeted ads on its screen. Consumers enjoy a personalized shopping experience and immediate assistance when required, and they don’t have to wait in line at the check-out counter. 

That’s just one example of how the changing workforce, consumer demand, and the way we live our lives are driving robotic trends. In large cities, air pollution is a major problem, and a lot of valuable real estate is occupied by parking lots. In this TED Talk, Ali Kashani highlights the current food delivery trend, and how it’s contributing to traffic and air pollution problems.

One proposed solution is food delivery robots, which make their way to your home along sidewalks and alleys. Instead of a driver getting in a car to deliver a sandwich two blocks away, the robot does the job without contributing to traffic congestion, without taking a parking spot, and without polluting the air. In this case, robots help solve several growing problems without hindering the consumer’s expectation of having food delivered to their homes quickly and on demand. 

Part of the challenge for engineers is how robots interact with people as they complete their tasks. The visionary designers and programmers are hoping to delight people with these robots, to increase acceptance and understanding of how automation can be beneficial to our modern society. That means the robot must be able to communicate, stop and turn quickly, and otherwise respond to its human counterparts, and that starts with reliable components like electromagnetic brakes

Tailored Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Solutions at SEPAC

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High-performance electromagnetic brakes and clutches are an ideal motion control solution for food delivery robots, AGV’s and other automated systems. At SEPAC, our technology is engineered to meet the critical demands for a variety of robotic applications, and electromagnetic solutions feature several advantages that make them highly suited for robotics:

  • Customization: At SEPAC, creative designs and unique configurations. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be modified and/or customized to meet stringent performance requirements and interface dimensional requirements for a variety of applications. 
  • Performance: High torque in small diameters, low to zero backlash to handle tasks quickly and accurately with minimal need for maintenance and repair.
  • Cost: AT SEPAC, electromagnetic brakes are built to last, using high performance Magnetic Electrical materials and high quality friction compositions, which reduces your repair and replacement costs over time.
  • Reliability: Extensive experience in critical applications induces high reliability designs.

At SEPAC, we’ve had the honor of working on a variety of projects, including surgical robots, agricultural robots, and subsea mechanical arms. In these applications, precision and reliability are essential, and our customized solutions rise to meet those expectations.

With years of experience, a passion for precision, and a commitment to meeting our clients’ needs, SEPAC is your partner for custom brake and clutch solutions that meet the demands of various robotics applications and support the advancement of automation trends now and into the future. Contact us to learn more about how we can help, or request a quote for your project. 

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