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Click to Expand The first step in fixing something is to understand how it works. Permanent magnet brakes (PMBs) are a form of brake that uses permanent magnets to provide the normal magnetic force necessary to attract the armature and produce torque. Permanent magnet brakes are used to hold or stop a load. Also called […]

underwater robotics nauticus robot image rendering

Underwater Robotics Applications


Robotics is rapidly advancing, with new developments and capabilities emerging every day across multiple sections of this industry. Applications ranging from oil and gas excavations to military and transportation projects rely on underwater robotics to achieve explorative missions, maintenance, and more. Today’s electronic and electrical based robotics systems offer fine-tuned movements, powerful motion, and new […]

Electromagnetic Brake Wear


Brakes are essential to diverse industries for slowing and stopping motion or holding various loads in place. Electromagnetic brakes specifically use the presence and absence of electric current and magnetic field to release or lock brakes into place, holding or stopping a load when the electric current shuts down. This type of power-off brake is […]