SEPAC, Inc is honored to partner with Motiv Space Systems, Inc. on new technology for future flight missions, including space flight. Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Sequential Phase II Program, Motiv Space Systems has been awarded a $5 million contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop the Distributed Extreme Environments Drive System (DEEDS). 

The SBIR program incentivizes small businesses to conduct federal research and development with the possibility of commercialization. The DEEDS project focuses on R&D for long-term, sustainable operation on the moon or Mars. According to Motiv Space Systems, Inc. forecasts, this tech advancement will become a critical asset for developers looking to assist future astronaut planetary surface explorers. 

SEPAC is offering our expertise in this new environment and innovating using our technical knowledge and design engineering capabilities. Our partnership and involvement in the two-year project is an exciting move considering our aerospace capabilities. In fact, this is not the first time NASA has utilized our technology — their docking system architecture uses many power-off brakes manufactured by SEPAC. 

What is DEEDS Technology?

DEEDS is an actuation system that functions in extreme environments of the moon and mars. It enables sustained operations in these environments, thus addressing the challenges of NASA’s goals (Surviving and operating through the lunar night). 

There are many use cases of DEEDS, including: 

  • Payload off-loading systems 
  • ISRU systems
  • Robotics
  • Advanced lunar mobility applications
  • And more! 

However, the notional Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) system is the specific design reference case chosen for DEEDS development. It is expected to demonstrate the applicability of the technology to other applications, thus allowing users to establish an infusion path for their system. 

The work builds upon the Dual Axis Controller for Extreme Environments (DACEE), demonstrating the extreme environment manipulation activity for the Lunar surface. The minimum operational temperature targeted by the original DACEE was -180°C. Unlike the current actuation systems that require drive electronics and lubricants that must remain warm to operate in extreme environments, the DEEDS system won’t need external heaters at -180°C. Therefore, DEEDS lowers the burden on the power systems since there won’t be any need for heaters.


SEPAC, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of various motion control products, including brakes. We have a substantial role in developing DEEDS owing to our high quality and reliable, innovative solutions. SEPAC, Inc. already manufactures products for use in various industries, including robotics, aerospace, defense, etc. 

In this collaboration with Motiv Space Systems Inc., SEPAC’s role is to develop cryogenic braking systems. We will integrate our expertise and vast knowledge into the project to create braking systems custom-built to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions without external support. 

SEPAC believes in developing, implementing, and continually improving our quality systems to meet or exceed customers’ precise needs and high standards. Therefore, we have the capacity to develop products for this critical project. 

Supporting Aerospace and Planetary Exploration Capabilities

Aerospace technology is undergoing constant evolution to enhance efficiency and performance, and SEPAC leads the industry in offering custom motion control products. There is a demand for specialized motion control solutions in aerospace. Fortunately, SEPAC has the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to match the developments in aerospace actuation systems. 

All designs consider factors such as usage scenarios, DO-160, shock and vibration, and environmental conditions, guaranteeing long-term use. With such aerospace capabilities, SEPAC expertise and technology play a major role in DEEDS technology that is pioneering planetary exploration. 

Innovation at Full Throttle With SEPAC

SEPAC offers complete in-house capabilities, including design, engineering, onsite manufacturing, full prototypes, custom fabrication, and quality control. Our team commits to pushing the limits of designing and creating effective motion control solutions that meet unique requirements. Contact us or fill out this RFI data application form to learn more about our aerospace capabilities

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